Virtual Highlights Conference

Wednesday, 21 June 2023


People, Planet, Purpose




Debbie Tagg, COO, Smart Procurement World

Jayne Mammatt, ESG Assurance & Risk, Deloitte


GLOBAL INSIGHT KEYNOTE | Global Industrial Competitiveness of SA

South African companies compete on a global stage, whether to attain global market growth or to defend against highly competitive imports. In this talk we briefly frame the global context in terms of ESG, and then make it practical by exploring scenarios of how this is and will affect South Africa’s competitiveness in the next decade.

Hannah Marais, Head Economic Unit, Deloitte


THOUGT LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE | The Past, Present and Future of Procurement in Relation to ESG

This talk showcases how local & international Environmental & Social legislation is enabling Procurement to evolve from being a compliance driven function to becoming a value creating function.
What you can expect:
Factors that have and are influencing procurements past, present & future approaches to environmental & social supply chain requirements
Multi-sector case studies
Critical steps every procurement function must take to position itself for the future

Trevor Naidoo, Supply Chain & ESG Strategist & Founding Director, ProcureSense, South Africa


INNOVATION KEYNOTE | An Unprecedented Age of Industrial Innovation

The art of the possible, what technologies and companies will shape a world moving toward Net Zero. What a period of unprecedented industrial innovation means for Africa.

Gareth Rees, Head Sustainability Strategy, Deloitte


INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION | Escaping the Reactive Compliance Trap

Gaining visibility into ESG Risk and Opportunity – from insights to action and impact in the value chain.
While supplier risk management is not new, today’s challenge requires a new response. The confluence of conditions including the pandemic, geopolitical and social upheaval, a resurgence in modern slavery, financial uncertainty, and the urgency of the climate crisis make old “Silo’ed” compliance-oriented approaches unmanageable, and the outputs ineffective. It demands a holistic and proactive approach, where the best defense is a performance-based offense, and which can serve as a foundation for upside and positive impact.

Lazar Armianov, Regional Director, EcoVadis




VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION | Adopting and Measuring Circular Packaging in Your Supply Chain: The Opportunity for Avoided and/or Captured Co2 Emissions

The Circular Economy is considered to be a key pillar of climate change policy by businesses and governments around the world. This session explores how rethinking packaging can provide businesses with an opportunity for Avoided and/or Captured Co2 emissions.

Claire Rampen, Co-Founder, Reath


LEADERSHIP PANEL DISCUSSION | Dealing with a Crisis Requires Strong Leadership

Hear from some of the countries’ senior business leaders on their views around South Africa, and how they are investing to drive change.

Sthembiso Phakathi, Director Human Capital: Organisational Transformation, Deloitte

George Tshesane, Director, Deloitte Consulting
Mongezi Veti, Head of Sustainability, Exxaro Resources
Gillian Niven, Counsel, Allen & Overy
Fanny Mabotja, Senior Innovation & Renovation Manager, Nestle