Tuesday, 6 June 2023


People, Planet, Purpose for Africa



WELCOME | Remarks from Deloitte Leadership and MC

MC: Sthembiso Phakathi, Director Human Capital: Organisational Transformation, Deloitte


GLOBAL INSIGHT KEYNOTE | Global Industrial Competitiveness of SA

South African companies compete on a global stage, whether to attain global market growth or to defend against highly competitive imports. In this talk we briefly frame the global context in terms of ESG, and then make it practical by exploring scenarios of how this is and will affect South Africa’s competitiveness in the next decade.

Hannah Marais, Head Economic Unit, Deloitte


INNOVATION KEYNOTE | An Unprecedented Age of Industrial Innovation

The art of the possible, what technologies and companies will shape a world moving toward Net Zero. What a period of unprecedented industrial innovation means for Africa.

Gareth Rees, Head Sustainability Strategy, Deloitte


JUST TRANSITION KEYNOTE | End of Load Shedding in South Africa Moonshot

The current just transition plan deals largely with the generation problem, but as we transition to renewables en mass we will encounter significant complexity as the South African grid has not been designed for these variable distributed loads. A panel of global experts lead by Dr Adriaan Davidse has proposed a novel mechanism that could end load shedding in its current form using distributed intelligence on the demand side. This thought provoking talk shows what is possible if stakeholders have the collective will to solve the energy crisis.

Dr. Adriaan Davidse, Head Energy Transition, Deloitte

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“Demand Better”, which is a market mechanism for end-use-service-driven industries to subsidise the market price of green hydrogen, green steel, green cement and other high volume / high carbon technologies so that these projects can be feasible today instead of waiting for these technologies to ride their cost curve driven by regulation, policy or innovation.

Michael Raynor, MD, Deloitte Consulting USA


IMPACT INNOVATION KEYNOTE | Getting the Most out of Impact and Social Development Funding

Too often social development and impact funding is earmarked for projects with low strategic importance with a very limited expectation of performance. We have defined a model we call impact innovation that drives sustainable investments to create thriving communities by leveraging technology.

Philani Sangweni, Head Impact Innovation, Deloitte




PANEL DISCUSSION | Impact Innovation at Work in Corporates and Communities

How is purpose driven funding being used successfully to drive simple but impactful technology enabled transformations? A panel of corporates, specialists and beneficiaries will discuss the challenges and opportunities that raising the stakes for impact funding bring about.


Petra Rees, Subject Matter Expert, Deloitte

Jason Baker, Group Community Services Manager, Illovo Sugar Africa
Masego Mokitimi, Director, Lucient Engineering and Construction, South Africa
Racuni Naidoo, Director, LiveMoya, South Africa
Laren Perumal, Senior Manager Supply Chain Performance and Risk, The De Beers Group of Companies, South Africa
Stacey-Lee Bolon, Non-Executive Director, Royal Bafokeng Institute


BEYOND RISK KEYNOTE | Moving Beyond Risk Mitigation to Opportunity Creation

What is the role of the board and the executives in fostering trust and governance that move the company beyond risk to practical value creation? How do we meaningfully address the size gap between the funding required to drive meaningful ESG and what is currently allocated?

Jayne Mammatt, ESG Assurance & Risk, Deloitte


LEADERSHIP PANEL DISCUSSION | Dealing with a Crisis Requires Strong Leadership

Hear from some of the countries’ senior business leaders on their views around South Africa, and how they are investing to drive change.

Sthembiso Phakathi, Director Human Capital: Organisational Transformation, Deloitte


Jabulane Hlalethoa, Divisional Head, Corporate Services, FSCA
George Tshesane, Director, Deloitte Consulting
Mongezi Veti, Head of Sustainability, Exxaro Resources
Gillian Niven, Counsel, Allen & Overy
Fanny Mabotja, Senior Innovation & Renovation Manager, Nestle


CLOSING KEYNOTE | Taking Action Now

Final thoughts on the day, summarizing the key take outs and articulating a call to action for private and public sector.

Mark Victor, Africa ESG Leader, Deloitte




Wednesday, 7 June 2023


People, Planet, Purpose for Procurement and Supply Chain



WELCOME | Remarks from Master of Ceremonies

Liesl De Wet, Head Accelerated Organisational Sustainability, Unitrans


OPENING KEYNOTE | A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The pandemic has taught us many things from the frailty of human life to the frailty of our environment and our systems. What role can ESG, sustainability and resource efficiency play in our current paradigm and how are they linked.
Procurement has a critical role to play in establishing boundaries and effective systems all while considering resource scarcity and insecurity. What are the short, medium and long term goals that make us more resilient and ensure we

Dr Jaisheila Rajput, Founder & CEO, TOMA-Now | Tomorrow Matters Now


KEYNOTE | Transforming Procurement & Supply Chains for ESG – Where Should We Start?

How do leaders navigate this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world and embed the changes required within our procurement functions and supply chains?
Leading research by the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, Amy C. Edmondson, shows that by embracing psychological safety leaders can create a mindset of openness,
flexibility, creativity, and innovation without fear of criticism, failure, or taking risks.
This Keynote will provide insights into how leaders can bring their teams with them on the journey to achieve Net Zero targets, and ESG goals and objectives.

Desre Hancocks, Manager, Sustainable Value Chains, UK


VIRTUAL PRESENTATION | Escaping the Reactive Compliance Trap

Gaining visibility into ESG Risk and Opportunity – from insights to action and impact in the value chain.

While supplier risk management is not new, today’s challenge requires a new response. The confluence of conditions including the pandemic, geopolitical and social upheaval, a resurgence in modern slavery, financial uncertainty, and the urgency of the climate crisis make old “Silo’ed” compliance-oriented approaches unmanageable, and the outputs ineffective. It demands a holistic and proactive approach, where the best defense is a performance-based offense, and which can serve as a foundation for upside and positive impact.

Lazar Armianov, Regional Director, EcoVadis




VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION | Adopting and Measuring Circular Packaging in Your Supply Chain: The Opportunity for Avoided and/or Captured Co2 Emissions

The Circular Economy is considered to be a key pillar of climate change policy by businesses and governments around the world. This session explores how rethinking packaging can provide businesses with an opportunity for Avoided and/or Captured Co2 emissions.

Claire Rampen, Co-Founder, Reath


PRESENTATION | The Past, Present and Future of Procurement in relation to ESG

This talk showcases how local & international Environmental & Social legislation is enabling Procurement to evolve from being a compliance driven function to becoming a value creating function.
What you can expect:

  • Factors that have and are influencing procurements past, present & future approaches to environmental & social supply chain requirements
  • Multi-sector case studies
  • Critical steps every procurement function must take to position itself for the future

Trevor Naidoo, Supply Chain & ESG Strategist & Founding Director, ProcureSense, South Africa


PRESENTATION | Green Public Procurement in Africa

The significance of adopting GPP, What is the status of GPP in Africa, GPP International best practice, Building capacity for GPP implementation and Monitoring and the role Government in supporting GPP initiatives.

Ernest Mutenda, Director, Blue Green Sustainability Services


PANEL DISCUSSION | SMME Inclusion in Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain – Taking a Look at the Only Way to Deliver Impact

Small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to strong, inclusive local economies and will play a key role in Africa’s economic development, generating employment and value-added and contributing to innovation.
SMMEs are central to the efforts to achieve environmental sustainability and more inclusive growth.
The question begs to be asked and answered: How do we empower small and medium enterprises to grow the African economy?

Moderator: Molebogeng Matsebatlela, Supply Chain Head, Siemens


Litha Kutta, Enterprise and Supplier Development Executive, South Africa

Sam Oppenheimer, Chief Executive Officer, Dooka

Rita Nkuhlu, Executive Management Representative, Siemens




PRESENTATION | The Role of Waste Management and Extended Producer Responsibility in an African Context

How we can transition to a circular economy, safeguard our supply chains and protect the environment.

Linus Naik, Head of Sustainability, Don’t Waste




PANEL DISCUSSION | Charting The Path Towards Justice, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Women can play a pivotal part when rebuilding our economy but women continue to be marginalised from the political sphere because of gender stereotypes, lack of access and socio-economic-structural barriers. According to UN Women, more than 150 countries still have laws that discriminate against women. The stats are bleak.

How can we advance women’s economic inclusion by promoting gender responsive procurement? Do we have the will to do so? Do we believe we can? Do we have a vision – individually and collectively?


Liesl De Wet, Head Accelerated Organisational Sustainability, Unitrans


Desre Hancocks, Manager, Sustainable Value Chains, UK

Susanna Kwon, Executive: ISM Procurement Operations Centre (POC), Massmart

Noluvo Ngcwabe, Executive Consultant, Barloworld

Dr Jaisheila Rajput, Founder & CEO, TOMA-Now | Tomorrow Matters Now

Linus Naik, Head of Sustainability, Don’t Waste




Thursday, 8 June 2023


People, Planet, Purpose Leading to Local Socio-Economic Growth


08h00 to 09h00


Events Team

09h00 to 09h05

Welcome and Introduction

Philani Sangweni
Associate Director: Innovation & Ventures
Deloitte South Africa


Video on Why B-BBEE Exists

09h10 to 09h20

Unpacking the importance of Transformational B-BBEE

Yuneal Padayachy
Chief Support Officer
The BEE Chamber

09h20 to 09h30

Inspirational Messages and Entertainment

Happiness Hadebe, Skills Village, Mr TAP, Radio Presenter, Artist and Activist for Persons with Disability – Skills Village

09h30 to 10h20

Pledges from Industry Associations and Professional Bodies towards the promotion of transformational B-BBEE

Arlene Wilson-Max
Stakeholder Relations Executive
The BEE Chamber

10h20 to 10h50

Ministers Panel Discussion

Objective: To create awareness of the importance of the implementation of transformational and sustainable
B-BBEE by the Private Sector

Hon. Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams
The Minister of Small Business Development

Dr. Nkosasana Dlamini Zuma
Minister of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities


Questions from the Media

11h00 to 11h05

Vote of thanks and Closure

Debbie Tagg, Chief Operating Officer, Smart Procurement


Networking and Refreshments


Thursday, 8 June 2023


People, Planet, Purpose for Procurement and Supply Chain





The Fundamental Principles of Climate, Ecocide, ESG and AI For Procurement and Supply Chain Managers

To meet increasing stakeholder demands, managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities is at the core of Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Of critical importance is a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, sustainability, circularity, regeneration, net zero and ESG. Managers should be prepared to provide and demand ESG reports and learn how AI can facilitate their ESG journey and stay abreast of evolving opportunities, risks and challenges. Sustainability can no longer be a nice-to-have bolt on. It needs to be a part of a company’s DNA and the very essence the industry for the benefit of future generations.

Lorraine Jenks, Chief Executive Officer, Hotelstuff




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