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Deloitte Africa in collaboration with Smart Procurement proudly hosted the 2023 Sustainability Summit Africa in Johannesburg from 6-8 June.

The three-day summit themed Africa’s transformational ESG conference – strategy, innovation, procurement and supply chain assembled local and global industry leaders, policymakers and sustainability experts, to explore the latest innovative strategies and best practices for a sustainable business.

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Sustainability Summit Africa

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People, Planet, Purpose for Procurement and Supply Chain

The Deloitte Sustainability Summit Africa 2023 under the theme: People, Planet, Purpose, addresses from C-suite downwards, the practical approach in embedding sustainability into everyday practices and business strategy, in the context of energy constraints and economic survival. By embracing ESG principles we can build a more resilient and sustainable economy that benefits us all.

People, Planet, Purpose for Africa

On this day, Deloitte senior experts joined by leading business decision makers, will discuss some of the most pressing issues facing our world today: ESG, innovation in energy, responsible supply chains, resilience, and emerging sustainable technologies. These are topics that are critical to the future of our planet. We believe that Africa can lead the way in creating a more sustainable and equitable future.

People, Planet, Purpose for Procurement & Supply Chain

Another important aspect of sustainability is responsible supply chain management. This means ensuring that the products and services we use are made in a way that is ethical, transparent, and environmentally responsible. We must also consider the impact of our supply chains on local communities, and work to promote fair labour practices and social equity.

This Summit will help you embed sustainability into everyday practices and across the wider supply chain and ultimately reach those ESG goals. It will also help to enhance the understanding of the action that we need to take NOW!

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Over the last year, global executives have faced a number of challenges, including economic uncertainty, geopolitical conflict, supply chain disruptions, and talent shortages, among others. Despite these headwinds, concern over climate change continues to be a top priority for CxOs and their organizations.
Deloitte’s survey of more than 2,000 CxOs across 24 countries finds that the majority of CxOs remain optimistic the world will take sufficient steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and feel a sense of urgency to take action.

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