Lorraine Jenks

Chief Executive Officer, Hotelstuff, South Africa

Lorraine Jenks is a global TEDx speaker. Climate, sustainability, circularity and ESG guide. A teacher by profession (University of the Witwatersrand), plus Montessori qualifications and two Procurement and Supply Chain Management Diplomas. Her activist career began in the 1970s when living in California, working with the Environmental Protection Agency.  Back home, 15 years as Procurement Manager for Africa’s largest hotel chain. Trained by US Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader. Studied under the UN Eco-Labelling Project, the National Cleaner Production Programme, Green Building Council’s Interior Design, Green Leaf Carbon Auditors.  She consults, builds furnished “green” exhibition homes and hotels. 23 awards. Created two leading non-profit online directories 22 years ago, Hotelstuff and Greenstuff.co.za used by up to 33,000 a month.